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                        Computer Tips                         

1)  Make sure that your computer tower gets plenty of cool fresh air.                       Do not run in an enclosed cabinet of any kind.

2)  Use a Battery Backup unit to protect your computer investment from costly electrical spikes & brownouts.

3)  Run System Cleaner every morning before starting work.                           Download FREE from the column on your left.

4)  Run a Full Anti-Virus Scan Weekly

5)  Don’t download and install Wallpapers, Toolbars, or Screen Savers.                They usually contain Spyware or Adware.

6)  Are you using High Speed Internet like Comcast or Bellsouth DSL?...

If running Windows XP, make use of the included Firewall. Go to Start >

Help and Support, then Search "Firewall" for more info.

And as usual, if you need professional help @ half the price of The Geeks…

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