Omni Appliance Inc. Policies

(Please Read Carefully)


Quality Control

Omni Appliance Inc. will try to make sure that all components (such as motherboards, CPU’s, memory and hard drives) are in operational condition prior to shipping or delivery. All motherboard and CPU kits will be tested and properly configured by Omni Appliance Inc. technical staff. All complete systems will be tested and will go through a 72-HOUR BURN IN PERIOD prior to shipping. The entire Assemble/Testing process can take 5-7 business days. Keep in mind, components can fail. Mistakes do happen. We cannot guarantee that all components will function properly when received by our customers. We also cannot guarantee that all components will be completely compatible with existing components that customers may have. We will do our best to make sure that damaged, failed, and incompatible components are replaced in a timely and orderly fashion, but the customer must follow our policies to allow for this.



This policy may not be altered or amended in any manner, and buyer by accepting delivery of the goods described herein accepts and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein. The owner of all products shipped and sold from Omni Appliance Inc. remains with Omni Appliance Inc. until all payments from the customer are cleared. No warranty for physically damaged items, which have cracks, missing pins, or burn marks. Any items damaged by power surges, floods, brownouts, or other natural disasters are not covered by warranty. If any product is found to be abused, mishandled, modified or altered: all warranties will be voided.

Items must be received by the Omni Appliance Inc. RMA department before the last day of warranty. If a replacement is not available, Omni Appliance Inc. reserves the right to replace with similar products of equal value or offer upgraded products at a minimum fee if the item has been discontinued from our product line. Omni Appliance Inc. also has the right to repair the products. Warranty void without receipt or invoice. Omni Appliance Inc. accepts no liability with respect to any software or data contained in any product or parts sold by or returned to Omni Appliance Inc.


Warranty Limitations

Refurbished Laptops are treated as a weekly rental during the warranty period. If a unit fails, a rental fee of $20.00 per week is applied. If the purchase price is larger than the total rental fees and the unit is returned in good physical condition to the office of Omni Appliance Inc, the monetary difference will be refunded to the customer.

Component tampering, misuse, or physical damage by purchaser voids all warranties. Warranty sticker and serial numbers must be in-tact on all merchandise. Repaired or replaced RMA items carry the original warranty of the product. Warranty and technical services cannot be extended for any customers. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Omni Appliance Inc. represents and warrants to Purchaser that the goods fully comply with all material government laws and regulations applicable to the sale of the Goods in the United States. NO WARRANTY NOT SET FORTH ABOVE IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY OMNI APPLIANCE INC., AND OMNI APPLIANCE INC. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The manufacturer warranty limitations apply to all products sold by Omni Appliance Inc. Omni Appliance Inc. reserves the right to repair or replace items with those of equivalent specifications. All individual parts sold by Omni Appliance Inc. have a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months, unless otherwise specified. Assembled systems have 1-YEAR PARTS/1-YEAR LABOR WARRANTY- diagnostic and repair labor. If the manufacturer’s warranty period for the product is longer than that of Omni Appliance Inc., the manufacturer’s RMA department will handle the service. A service call charge of $50.00 applies to all warranty work.


System Specific Warranty

All NEW complete systems* built by Omni Appliance Inc. carry a 1 year parts & labor warranty. No warranty is on-site unless otherwise specified. All barebones systems carry 1 year parts & labor warranties.

RMA may be given on defective parts, but not to exceed the warranty date. All warranty systems are to be repaired and diagnosed by Omni Appliance Inc. only; any repairs performed by someone other than Omni Appliance Inc. will void warranty in its entirety.

Barebones systems and Motherboard Combos will be tested as much as possible before shipping, however, the customer is assumed to be knowledgeable and able to assemble a system on his/her own without assistance. Support will not be provided for customers of Barebones systems and/or Motherboard Combos unless at the customer's expense.

*A complete system is a system that may be completely tested before being shipped. It must include a motherboard, processor, processor fan, case, memory, hard drive, CD-ROM, video card, sound card, modem, and an operating system (all essential components). If a system does not include one or more of these items, support will not be provided to the customer unless at customer's expense, and the system will not be fully warrantied.

Systems built and tested without an operating system will not be fully warrantied. Any system without an operating system will not carry a full warranty. Systems built and tested without an operating system will carry only a 1 year warranty at most. Support will not be provided on any system without an operating system unless at the customer's expense. Repairs that are not hardware related on any system purchased without an operating system will be done also at the customer's expense.


Parts Warranty

CPU (OEM) 14 days, unless otherwise specified (in some cases, one year). CPU must be returned with sticker in-tact. Warranty will be void for CPUs returned without sticker.

The following items carry Manufacturer’s Warranty: Monitors, Hard Drives, Printers, Scanners, CPUs, etc.

The following items carry 90 day warranty unless otherwise specified by manufacturer: Motherboard Combos, Barebones Systems, Memory, CD-ROM’s, Keyboards, Mice, Power Supply, and Cases.



All refunds are at Omni Appliance Inc.’s discretion. This does not include freight or shipping and handling charges.

We guarantee 7-day money back for most items, except CPU, memory, systems, and some special order items (consult your salesperson). The exception for the CPU and memory is necessary due to the frequent price fluctuation in these items. No returns for credit after the time limits will be accepted. These time limits do not offset in any way the warranty of the products.

Shipping cost are NOT refundable. Labor charges included in systems ($50 per system) and services are NOT refundable. Any physically damaged or defaced items are not refundable. Opened software is not refundable. Cases that have been opened and assembled by customers will not be refundable. Items with missing original manufacturer packaging materials, manual, driver CD, cables and/or other supporting materials will not be accepted for credit. Only unopened software packages are accepted for return for credit. Restocking fees may be applicable to certain items.

When returning items for credit, obtain an RMA # for credit . After receiving your Return Authorization number send the item(s) to Omni Appliance Inc. together with a copy of the original invoice, a copy of the Return Authorization confirmation, and ALL the original packaging materials including cables, manuals, and CD if applicable. Partial returns are acceptable. Write down "Return for Credit" on the cover of the package. Customer is responsible for the shipping cost of returning items to us for any reasons. Please note that regulations allow only credit to your credit card account if you paid with a credit card. All  credits must be used within 60 days.

Credit and refunding are handled by our Credit Department. All refund or credits will either be sent to the customer in the form of a company check. The refund process may take 1-30 business days to confirm and complete after all goods are received.

System sales may be cancelled during the assembly and testing process, however all system cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee and a 20% restocking fee, depending on how far along the system is in the assembly and testing process.

All refund items on all items, including complete systems, must be in original sellable condition, with all original packing, manuals, and software. All returns on all items, including complete systems, are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Software sales are final. Omni Appliance Inc. will not accept any returns on software.

Microsoft software products of any kind, such as Microsoft Windows95, 98, 98 S.E., ME, 2000, NT, XP and Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, will not be accepted for return or credit in any way shape or form. NO exceptions. Product keys are distributed with these pieces of software and may be wrongfully copied and used. We are unable to accept for return any software that includes a product key of any sort. Omni Appliance Inc. is not liable for customer misuse of product keys. Customer is responsible for all software product keys.


Return Policy and Procedure

If you believe that the product you received is defected and your warranty has not expired, you must to obtain a return merchandise authorization by calling our support/RMA department 904.287.4224.

A replacement of the same or equal item will be shipped to the customer within 1-30 business days after the item is received. Please be aware that a product used for over 180 days of the invoice date, if returned to Omni Appliance Inc., will be charged a return shipping fee. Omni Appliance Inc. does not offer cross-shipping.

Omni Appliance Inc. is responsible for exchange of product under warranty, if the manufacturer is refusing to cover the warranty for the product(s) it produced. RMAs are valid for 14 days. If the customer exceeds this 14-day window, a new RMA authorization must be obtained. The pre-approved RMA must be marked clearly on the outside of the shipping box.

Omni Appliance Inc. reserves the right to inspect and test all returned products: no replacement or exchange will be granted if the returned products were found to meet the functionality of manufacturer’s specifications. If this case should occur, the customer shall be responsible for all return shipping charges on the products that must be returned to the customer.

All RMA items must be in original sellable condition, with all original packing materials, manuals, software and cables.

All RMA items must be shipped freight pre-paid by the customer. The customer must pay for any desired insurance on the package. Omni Appliance Inc. is not responsible for any losses or damages in transit.

Omni Appliance Inc. is NOT responsible for any package lost during shipping.

RMAs will be shipped back to the customer via UPS ground or US Mail. Express shipping will be will be at additional cost. In the case of the item returned being functional, returned in error by customer, return freight must be paid for by the customer.

Customer is responsible for proper packaging of RMA returns, Omni Appliance Inc. voids all warranties on items that are insufficiently or inaccurately packaged.

The following packaging guidelines must be met:

RAM-wrapped in antistatic packaging and bubble wrap, inside a cardboard box with packaging material around it.

CPU (Socket)-wrapped in antistatic packaging and bubble wrap. Inside a cardboard box with packing material around it. Secure in CPU tray if sent with original order.

CPU (Slot)-wrapped in antistatic packaging and bubble wrap. Inside a cardboard box with packing material around it.

Motherboards-Placed inside the manufacturer’s box. Place box inside of larger shipping box with packing material around it.

All Other Items-Placed inside the original manufacturer’s box when applicable. OEM items must be bubble-wrapped. Place all items in a larger shipping box with packing material around it.


Discrepancy and Shipping Damage

For wrong items, missing items, shipping damage or other discrepancy, customer should report to RMA department within 48 hours. We will not be responsible for any discrepancy reported beyond 48 hours.

Customer is responsible for paying any freight charge caused by refused shipment or unclaimed goods.

In case of a discrepancy,

Please note that a discrepancy is impossible with small, expensive items such as CPUs, memory, etc. We triple check these items before shipping. We will not resend these items.

Omni Appliance Inc. will make every effort to deliver on time however, Omni Appliance Inc. shall not be liable for late or lost shipments.


Customer Responsibility



Omni Appliance Inc. notifies all customers immediately upon repair completion. Three phone calls are made and messages left if possible.

If no response is received after 60 days from receipt, item(s) are deemed abandoned and sold for repair costs. Exceptions must be approved by Omni Appliance Inc. in writing.

Customer should inspect all items upon receipt.

For wrong items, missing items or shipping damages, customer should report to RMA department within 48 hours. Any claims after this will not be honored.

Always inspect each item for physical damage, missing documentation and driver disks.

Customer should always provide a detailed and specific description of problems for defective items.

For any defective equipment you must call the RMA department for an RMA #, which must be present on package next to shipping label, otherwise it will be refused.

Purchaser is presumed to have qualified and knowledgeable technical ability to diagnose and pinpoint problem sources. Omni Appliance Inc. technical support will provide help where available, but is discouraged to teach customers basic diagnostics and step-by-step installations.


Consequential Damages and Limitations

Omni Appliance Inc. shall not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations when such failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, without limitations, any act of God, war, strike, riot, fire, flood, earthquake, lock-out, late or non-delivery by suppliers, shortage or unavailability of materials, components or transportation facilities, or act, refusal to act, regulation, order or intervention of any governmental authority.


*** Under no circumstance shall Omni Appliance Inc. be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, including, without limitation: lost goodwill, lost resale profits, loss of data or software, work stoppage or impairment of the goods and whether arising out of breach of any express or implied warranty, breach of contract, tort (including negligence), strict product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damage could have been reasonably foreseen, except or lye in case of personal injury where and to the extend applicable law requires such liability. The laws of the State of Ohio, in which Omni Appliance Inc. shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties under this agreement.


* Buyer by accepting delivery of the goods described herein accepts and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein

** DO NOT make a purchase or repair unless you agree with the above.

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